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Know New Working Hours Of G-Sec, Forex

Opening Time For Regulated Financial Markets

imings for various markets are going to be changed from Monday (April 18). These are the markets that are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), such as call money, commercial papers, government securities, and foreign currency-Indian rupee trades including forex derivatives. The opening times for the markets have been restored to their pre-pandemic timing of 9:00 am.

“The trading hours for various markets regulated by the Reserve Bank were amended with effect from April 7, 2020, in view of the operational dislocations and elevated levels of health risks posed by COVID-19. Subsequently, with the abatement of operational constraints, the trading hours were partially restored with effect from November 9, 2020,” the Reserve Bank of India said in a statement.

It added that with the substantial easing of restrictions on the movement of people and functioning of offices, it has now been decided to restore the opening time for regulated financial markets to their pre-pandemic timing of 9:00 am, with effect from April 18.

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