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Free Forex Signals and Forecast: Buy USD/CAD – 24 Dec 2021

Forex Signals

On Friday, the USD/CAD currency pair dropped 0.10% below key support to consolidate weekly losses around 1.2815.

A rise in US government bond yields on Thursday and positive results from the Fed’s favorite inflation indicator, the Core PCE Price Index, appear to have paved the way for a USD/CAD pullback. Canada’s GDP rose by 0.8% versus a 0.2% increase in October, which is a positive development. Along with stronger US data, the uncertainty over Omicron terms and US stimulus measures also cast doubt on the pair’s future disadvantage.

On Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Merck Covid-19 pill, the day after Pfizer approved the Omicron pill on Wednesday. Recently, the US military also announced the development of a single covid drug and its variants. Researchers have also found that Omicron has fewer options for hospitalization. However, the cancellation of orders for Merck pills in France is reaching its end, citing significantly less effect than anticipated – an increase in Omicron cases to challenge market optimism.

US President’s BBB Plan

US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still hoping to get the Build Back Better (BBB) plan through the House, although Sen. Joe Manchin opposes it. CNN reports that Senator Joe Manchin effectively ended negotiations on the current version of the Recovery Efficiency Act due to concerns that certain provisions would increase inflation.

Free Forex Signals – Buy USD/CAD At 1.2840

Free Forex Signals Entry Price And Takes Profit

Instrument: USD/CAD
Order Type: BUY STOP
Entry price: 1.2840
Stop Loss: 1.2801
TP1: 1.2901
My Risk: 1%

Risk / Reward Ratio: 1: 2.05

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