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Legal Documents

Legal Documents


About FMS Markets

FMS Markets is fully licensed and regulated to ensure all your funds are secured.


We adhere to strict capital requirements to meet client payout obligations and employ sound internal procedures for risk management, financial reporting, staff hiring, and external audit schedules.

Top-Tier Liquidity

We’ve partnered with top tiers financial institutions to ensure multi-asset liquidity. Our partners ensure the highest levels of interbank liquidity for our clients.

Corporate Governance

We offer our clients regular account statements. Our financial accounts are audited by external audit firms, to ensure constant compliance with regulations across operations.

Segregation of Funds

We ensure that retail client funds are always kept separate from the firm’s capital, protected by leading banks. Under no circumstance is client money used to meet company expenses, ensuring fund safety for investors.

Legal Documents

Find all necessary legal information you should review, understand and accept before opening an account.

Financial Dreams Delivered

Let’s Create a Growth Strategy Together.

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