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Frequently asked questions

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FMS Markets is a trusted global CFD and Forex broker with an expert team of fund managers. Our vision was to create the ultimate destination where traders could access a full suite of trading products in the global markets and investors can reap the rewards of our distinguished traders. What sets us apart from our competitors is our deep understanding of what traders and investors need.

Our clients interests’ are a top priority for us. It is our firm commitment to excellence that makes us one of the leading brokers in the world.

How Long Does It Take To Open An Account?

Please allow our onboarding team up to one business day to verify your documents, however, we will aim to have your account open within the hour.

Can I Register With More Than One Email Address?

It is possible, however, to avoid confusion we advise having all your trading accounts under the same Client Area profile, using the same email address.

Which Documents Do I Need To Open An Account?

We require a proof of identity and a proof of residence document from you. Proof of identity can be a valid passport, driving license or national ID card. As a proof of residence, we can accept a utility bill or bank statement showing your full name and address, and that is dated within the last six months.

Why Do I Need To Submit My Documents For Account Validation?

This is due to obligatory ‘Know your Client’ (KYC) procedures that we must follow, in accordance with international Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Do I Need To Upload My Documents Again If I Open A New Trading Account And My First Account Was Already Validated?

No, we will not require any additional documents from you.

Do You Accept A Po Box Address?

For some specific countries, we may be able to accept one of the following documents as the proof of residence document: 1. Confirmation of residential address from their local municipality 2. An additional ID document + the PO Box POR document 3. An employment or rental agreement which includes the residential address 4. A police record or a local tax form

How Do I Deposit Into My Account?

Please login to your Client Area, on the left side of the screen click on “Funding”, choose “Deposit”, select the trading account to which you wish to deposit and click “Submit”.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For MT5 Accounts?

The minimum deposit for both Standard and Raw accounts is $100 USD or equivalent.

Which Currencies Do You Accept For Deposits?

We offer multiple funding currencies for our accounts which include AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, HKD, NZD, CHF, JPY and CAD.

Do You Accept Prepaid Cards?

Yes, We do.

Does My Skrill Or Neteller Email Address Have To Match My Registered FMS Markets Email Address?

No, provided the Skrill or Neteller account is in your own name, you are still able to deposit.

What Is The Difference Between MT4 & MT5?

MT5 is the successor of the MT4 platform and has far superior functions and technology to MT4. Although MT4 is more popular at the moment (due to length of time available on the market), eventually MT5 will completely replace it.

Which Devices Can I Trade On?

Software is available for both Windows and Mac desktop computers. Apps are also available for mobiles and tablets.

Are The Prices Streaming Live With No Delay?

Yes, all pricing on the MT5 platforms is live with no delays.

Are There Any Subscription Fees For The Platform?

No, MT5 are offered completely free of charge

What Is The Server Time? Can I Change It?

The server time on the platform is either GMT + 2 or GMT + 3 depending on Daylight savings. This ensures the daily candles can follow the NY close times.

What Is An Affiliate?

An Affiliate usually owns a website and interacts with potential clients via the web using banners, links, e-marketing and other marketing tools. They may not have personal direct communication with clients.

Do I Need To Provide Documents To Become An Affiliate?

Yes, we require a form of Identification and a Proof of Residence document.

What Is Your Affiliate CPA Structure?

There are several Tiers for the Affiliate CPA: Tier 1 (450 USD) , Tier 2 (350 USD) and Tier 3 (225 USD).

How Do I Withdraw My CPA?

Please login to your Affiliate portal and select the ‘Request Payment’ option.

How Do Clients Sign Up Under My Affiliate?

You will be issued your own unique tracking links to provide your clients or post on your website, as soon as the client reaches our website we track based on IP address until they complete a registration.

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