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FMS Markets AI

FMS Artificial Intelligence

FMS Markets has adopted a class-leading AI-based decision-making trading system that specializes in algorithmic trading. This eliminates numerous drawbacks and risks in traditional trading.

The FMS Markets AI trading system is integrated with the MAM trading software, where investors can experience its AI-powered efficiency. The system utilizes an intuitive interface, with simple and clear trading records to generate profits and provide trading advantages.

Xentinel Analysis

Utilising a large size to perform linear extrapolation and analysis.

Xentinel Anticipates

This module expands the scopes of markets and can concurrently execute multiple strategies at high frequencies.

Xentinel Evolution

Machine learning that is able to learn and evolve independently, thereby providing more consistent and higher returns.

AI Trading

Fms Xentinel Advantages

  • Automatic monitoring of foreign exchange transactions
  • Automatic execution of trading strategies
  • Adaptation to market changes
  • 24-hour Big Data self-learning and analysis
  • Automatic data collection
  • Incorporates with Algorithmic Trading
  • Convenient access to all transaction data Generation of passive income through automated AI trading systems

AI Trading

Fms Xentinel Features

Algorithmic Trading

  • Obtaining data from multiple data feeds
  • Utilising arbitrage/carry trade

Independent Certification

  • FMS Markets will be the exclusive copyright owner
  • Will seek ISO international certification in the future

Security Of Funds

Funds scattered across liquidity providers (LPs) with multinational licenses

Holding Time Is About 5-15 Seconds

Avoid black swan events/ sudden fluctuations

Safety & Security

Authentic MT5 platform

Almost Risk-free In Trading Strategy

Short holding time

Financial Dreams Delivered

Let’s Create a Growth Strategy Together.

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